Welcome to the web page of Brahmashri Vedasamrat Raja Sastrigal alias Natarajan. Is a renowned sastrigal in Puducherry formarly Pondicherry, his native place is Sangeetha mangalam villupuram district Tamil nadu. He was mentored by Brahmashri Shri Krishnamoorthy sastrigal who was awarded as Acharya by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA in vedic field.

Golden words of maha periyavaa

Before you commence your lessons in the morning each day , you should worship Goddess saraswati for a few minutes in a silent meditation . It is not reaction of prayer verces that matter so much . I may tell you that the essence of prayer lies in sincere devotion to Goddess saraswati and the guru through silent meditation for a few minutes . The practice will develop in you a spirit of homage and aid you to drive away all evil thoughts from your mind

teachings of guru

omkaram bindu samyuktam nityam dhyayanti yoginah kamadam moksadam caiva omkarayanamo namah